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About Bound

Bound’s mission is to make it effortless for businesses to deal with currency risk. Currency risk is when a business earns revenue in one currency and has costs in another. When a business has currency risk, it can lose money when exchange rates move around. Millions of businesses globally face currency risk every day.

Large companies almost always manage currency risk. However, hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and Europe do nothing to manage that risk when they transact with foreign customers and suppliers. This may be because these smaller businesses don't have the skills and expertise to identify and manage their risk, don't have access to the necessary tools and information, or simply don't have the time.

We're building tools that abstract complex financial work into simple workflows and integrations. Our goal is a future where businesses never have to think about foreign currencies at all, even when they trade internationally.

About the role

Job Description

Bound is looking to hire a Head of Growth. We’re looking for a seasoned startup leader who will be responsible for all elements of our product’s commercialization. You will enjoy a lot of autonomy and flexibility, but will be responsible for driving top-line revenue and customer growth.

What you'll do

- Depending on your experience and expertise, you’ll be responsible for all elements of revenue and customer growth
Hire and manage the outbound sales team, eventually promoting, hiring and managing sales leadership. We have a few great sales people already on the team, but we’re eager to grow the sales team.

- Work with Marketing and the Founders to develop our brand and our inbound customer acquisition strategy, including Growth Marketing, PR, Branding, Design and Content.

- Hire and manage our Customer Success team to minimize churn and ensure our customers are happy and are getting as much value from the product as possible

- Hire and manage a Business Development and Partnerships team that will work on complex deals with the potential to accelerate scaling

- Depending on your experience, you may also hire and manage our Dealing and Trading team that will manage our proprietary risk as we transact with customers

The ideal candidate

- You have 5+ years of experience managing sales and other elements of growth at high growth technology startups

- You’ve managed team that have gone from 0 to 1, then from 1 to massive scale

- You have experience commercializing nascent products as they develop and you understand how to grow through product shortcomings and help customers join the journey of product development

- You have experience working closely with Product and Engineering teams and you train your team to filter back valuable customer insights to improve the product

- You consistently find new strategic opportunities to accelerate growth

- You have a ruthless focus on execution and performance and your teams excel

- You’re a system-builder and your teams use CRMs, support tools and processes to deliver consistent repeatable results for potential customers and customers

- You have experience on developing overall target for growth as well as individual targets for your team members

- Knowledge of capital markets, FX and trading is a bonus, but not required

Why you should join Bound


More than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies have hedging programs in place while less than 5% of SMEs do. This is because hedging is complicated and nuanced. Bound wants to make it super simple.


Global trade is expected to increase by 500% over the next few decades, meaning more businesses will have foreign currency exposures.



You’ll be a part of a small team with a lot of autonomy. You’ll have a massive impact on the company and product in a way that isn’t possible at more mature companies.


You’ll be working with people who are curious and are obsessed with learning. This is a part of the culture here at Bound.


We have great investors that have helped build a lot of great fintech companies in the UK and Europe. They have financed companies like Wise (formerly TransferWise), Klarna, N26, Stash, Xero and more!

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Looking for something else?

We are always looking for superstar talent to join us on our mission to transform FX. If you think you have what it takes then leave a CV and one of the team will be in-touch.