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Easy-to-use tools to protect your business from volatile exchange rates in the future.

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Our customers love us because we're a better way to do FX.

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Lock in today's exchange rate for up to 12 months
Get the average exchange rate over a set period of time
Fair, transparent pricing for every business.
Hold balances in over 36 different currencies
0% deposits on forwards for qualifying businesses
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We build tools to help you easily manage your FX risk

Manage your risk with Averaging

With Averaging we split up your trade into smaller trades executed over a period of time to reduce the risk of catching a bad rate.
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Trade instantly

Buy and sell currencies at the live  mid-market rate knowing you’re getting the best deal.
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Lock in rates

Like today’s rate? Lock it in for a payment due in the future.
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Three reasons our customers love us

... and why you will too

Great pricing

Spot rates at 0.25% or lower. 0% deposit for most forward contracts.

No hidden fees

Brokers make bonuses by hiding commission in your exchange rates. Transparency should be standard.

Ease of use

94% of FTSE 500 companies hedge, while only 4% of UK SMEs hedge. We’re bringing hedging to all businesses.
Tailored for your business

FX help for any use case

Whatever your need, we have an FX hedging strategy for you. See how we can help your business today.
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Don't just trust one side of the story! Here's what our partners have said about us.
“With Bound, I know I am getting a price that is typically reserved for big companies, and love how I often have little to no margin requirements on my forwards.”
Mirko Del Prete
CEO, Aster Cucine
“The travel industry is rife with currency risk due to having so many payments going out around the world. Bound makes that risk easy to manage for companies of our size. It’s affordable, easy to set up and totally free of all finance jargon.”
Stefan Cars
CEO, Snowfall Travel
"Using Bound has been great - the user experience is far smoother and quicker than traditional FX brokers and the transparency on fees is incredibly refreshing"
Abdel Wahab Turkmani
CEO, Farmlend

Got a question?

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Is Bound regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Bound Rates Limited (FRN 953177) is an Appointed Representative of MJ Hudson Advisers Limited (FRN 692447) who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as Principal Firm to Appointed Representatives. Our partners operate compliant client trust accounts. Our partners are PSD compliant and all clients' funds are held in segregated currency accounts. All outgoing payments and FX transactions can be traced up to delivery

How does the payment process work?

Once you book a deal on Bound, the client trust bank account details will show and you will receive a trade confirmation email. Simply remit funds via your usual banking method and once received, you will receive an email confirmation receipt. Your converted funds will then be released on a same day payment to your instructed beneficiary and you will receive an onward payment confirmation email. The status of your transaction on the platform will update throughout the process.

How does Bound make money?

Creating an account and using the Bound platform is and always will be subscription free. We charge a small, transparent fee per trade. This fee is always visible to you when you request a quote

Do I need to transfer money into Bound before I exchange?

No. You book your transaction on Bound and then follow the settlement instructions to pay.

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