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Our tech allows us to simply do things traditional alternatives can’t in terms of transparency, simplicity and pricing. 

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Bound is a digital broker that you can actually trust. We are committed to transparency and changing the FX industry for the better

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Seth and Dan spent years building software that processed trillions of dollars for risk-management teams at large corporations.

At Bound we believe it’s time that all businesses have access to a better FX experience, with a modern, digital FX broker they can trust.

Sharks operating in FX have hidden behind opaque pricing and hidden fees and given the industry a bad reputation. Using transparent pricing, fixed fees, modern technology and an experience free from exchange rate trickery, Bound hopes to restore trust in FX. 

We’re here to help businesses eliminate the headaches, the wasted time and the financial losses from FX, whether your business simply converts currencies or needs a complex hedging strategy. 


Why do we exist?

Only 4% of SME’s currently benefit from currency protection, but 94% of Fortune 500 companies use it to drive value for their firms. (see source)

We believe that this is due to the complexity of FX products and the market practices used by banks and brokers. 

We’re reimagining the industry, with customer experience at the core. Our vision is to create effortless products that makes currency protection a no brainer for everyone. 


Bound helps simplify FX saving you both
time ⏰ & money 💰

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