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We're tech people with
a new vision for

currency protection.

Our tech allows us to simply do things traditional alternatives can’t in terms of speed and efficiency.

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Not a bank.      Not a broker.



The auto hedging platform dedicated to making currency protection better for businesses. 


Why do we exist?

Only 4% of SME’s currently benefit from currency protection, but 94% of Fortune 500 companies use it to drive value for their firms. (see source)

We believe that this is due to the complexity of FX products and the market practices used by banks and brokers. 

We’re reimagining the industry, with customer experience at the core. Our vision is to create effortless products that makes currency protection a no brainer for everyone. 

Tech is in our DNA

Bound’s founders built software for professional risk managers and traders from some of the largest corporations in the world. Their tools processed tens of thousands of trades per day worth trillions of pounds.

We are financed by some of the investors and founders behind fintech successes like Stash, Klarna, MX, Qonto, Transferwise, Xero, etc.

Image by Alexander Popov

Interested in how Bound can help your business?